The new workforce: embracing the change

The world of work has changed irrevocably. In fact, it is no longer recognisable from what it looked like as little as five years ago. And it is still changing. As the world of work continues to evolve, so does the workforce. Building a workforce no longer means sourcing full-time, permanent employees in a job for life. It means sourcing a range of workers with diverse skills and background on different contracts in order to fulfil business, and employee, needs. To put this into context, according to a recent SAP and Oxford Economics report, Workforce 2020, more than eight out of ten (83 per cent) of executives say their companies are increasing their use of consultants, intermittent employees, and contingent workers.


This increase comes as no surprise to me. It is a trend that we at Ciett have been seeing for some time now. Organisations need a range of skills, experience and knowledge in order to compete in a volatile, unpredictable and ever-changing business environment. And direct, permanent recruitment is not always the answer. Instead, companies need to utilise and embrace new and different ways of working. The Workforce 2020 report revealed the fact that the rise of non-payroll positions is forcing change on companies, with 42 per cent saying it is affecting their workforce strategy. Therefore leaders need to adapt and people management will need to become a top priority of the boardroom agenda if they are going to succeed in today’s business environment.


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A propos Denis Pennel

Directeur Général de la confédération mondiale de l’emploi (World Employment Confederation), Denis Pennel est un spécialiste reconnu du marché du travail. Conférencier, auteur de plusieurs livres et de nombreux articles sur le marché du travail, il fait partie du classement des 100 professionnels des ressources humaines les plus influents au niveau mondial (classement du magazine Staffing Industry Analysts).
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